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Plainville CT 06062
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Manufacturing, INC
Work Held to a Higher Tolerance
We specialize in the machining of many metals and plastics
All your manufacturing needs provided at one independently owned and operated machine shop

The LDM Manufacturing (LDM) story begins with hard work and dedication. On June 28, 1994 the founder Lawrence J. DeSimone started LDM to bring the best manufacturing to the marketplace. By doing so we have grown tremendously and continue to strive towards higher manufacturing standards. This hard work and dedication shows through in all that LDM does today.

LDM remains independently owned and operated. All customer service and manufacturing is handled by our office in Plainville, Connecticut. We do everything on site including processing orders, manufacturing, quality control and shipping. 

When we machine metal and plastic parts, we do it right the first time. Our customers know that our machined metal and plastic pieces fit precisely and function well in every product they assemble. Many people have become steady customers.  

We have invested in the 21 shop machines listed on the left as well as dedicated, hard working machinists and other employees.


 1 Glass Bead Cabinet
 1 Miller Tig/Arc Welder with 6 inch       Rotary Table
 1 Lablond Manual Lathe
 1 Mitutoyo CMM
 7 Matsuura Milling Centers CNC
 1 Cobra Drillmatic
 1 Okuma Howa CNC Lathe 10 inch   capacity
 1 Nakamura Slant CNC Lathe
 1 Nakamura TMC – 18 Lathe
 1 Nakamura TMC – 15 Lathe
 2 Okuma LB10 CNC Lathes
 1 Automatic cutoff saw 10 inch   capacity
 1 manual 8” cutoff saw
 1 Bridgeport with 6 Inch Riser Block

LDM manufacturing, INC is an innovative manufacturing company with a full service machine shop. Our services include:

Rapid Prototyping
CNC Machining
and More